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How many announcements do people need to pay attention to wiper blade in using process?

Jul 21, 2018

To ensure good wiper blade, cleaning effect, the owners of a friend using the specified Windshield cleaning fluid is strictly forbidden to use water as washing windows solution. Professional window washing liquid is added to dissolve greasy dirt to improve the composition of the glass wetting interface, and its freezing point also well below zero degrees Celsius.

  4S shop after-sales service technician pointed out that the moist air and rain so that the vehicle suffered the test, if the vehicle is a situation occurs, timely maintenance, and prevent the emergence of "hangover".

  If the owners think that rainy days without washing the car, In fact, because of the rain often there will be acidic, viscous material, a long period of rainfall would be the body causing serious injury, if not cleaned, the car surface will easily rust and even corrosion, and thus lose gloss affect the appearance of the car.