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how long do wiper blades last

May 17, 2019



    After buying a car, many spare parts need to be replaced by themselves, such as wiper, which c an be said to be one of the more frequent spare parts replaced by oneself. Many car owners have the question-how often does the wiper be replaced? But do you know how long the wiper lives? Generally speaking, the life span of wipers is one year, and some wipers may have a longer life span, such as bone-free wipers, but few of them can be used for more than two years. After the summer sun exposure, the baptism of rain and snow weather will appear aging, cracking, shaking, abnormal noise occurs, the appearance of these situations means the need to replace the wiper in time, how often does the wiper generally use to replace the most appropriate? Do I have to change from the original factory?

    The support rod is connected to the wiper rocker arm, some of which are fixed to the rocker arm with screws, and some are locked with a convex buckle. The model of wiper used in the vehicle, the service life of wiper blade is about 1, 2 years, if the maintenance is good, it can be used for 3-4 years. When you find that some scraping is not clean, you can grind and renovate it with fine sandpaper. If scraping is more serious or to the end of life, it is better to replace it as soon as possible, after all, the price is not expensive, the replacement is also relatively simple. How to maintain wiper on a daily basis? 

    If you want to further extend the service life of wipers, the editor suggests buying the latest silica gel coated wipers. Silicone has a longer service life and is less likely to age than traditional rubber wipers. At the same time, silicone coating rain wiper can also be coated in the front of the process, saving a relatively high value, but this is also related to the material of the wiper itself. That's why many car owners say the wiper is broken without using it a few times. 

    Some people think that the longer the wiper is, the larger the scraping area is, and the better the field of vision is. In fact, although prolonging the length of wiper blade can increase the visible range of visual field, it will also increase the burden of wiper motor and wiper rod. If you want to lengthen, you must ensure that the normal operation of wiper must not be hindered. Do not change the size of wiper at will some owners like to buy longer than 2 inches when replacing wiper blade, think the area of wiper is larger, the effect is better. In fact, this is wrong, wiper blade too long in operation may grind a column trim or front windshield cover plate, can lead to resonance, abnormal noise, special size of special car is the right choice.