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How long do the replacement for wiper blades?

Jul 24, 2018

The wiper blades auto body accessories, mainly used to scrape the windshield rain, in the rain, and also used for washing the windshield. The source of power from the motor of the wiper blade, which is the core of the system of the wiper blade. The quality requirements of the motor of the wiper blade is quite high. It uses a DC permanent magnet motor, install the front windshield wiper blade motor is generally formed integrally with worm mechanical part.


  There are two general types of wiper blade, is a traditional batch-type, this is the most common wiper blade to be adjusted by the driver in accordance with the rain and gaze position; and another raindrop induction, in recent years, multi-used in high-class models. Good wiper blades must have heat, cold, acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant, laminated windshield to reduce motor burden, low noise, water repellency, soft and does not scratch the windshield features enables your vision is clear.

  In normal circumstances, once every 12 months to check wiper blades. Maintenance cycle between the different models may have slight differences.

  Note: the time of purchase to confirm the size of the wiper blades, the number of the driving position and passenger seat wiper size mostly different, should pay special attention at the time of purchase, some models as well as the rear window wiper, this must not be neglected.