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How is the wiper used to judge whether the car is pressed?

Sep 29, 2018

How is the wiper used to judge whether the car is pressed?


Patented New All In One Multifunctional Wiper Blade.jpgThe wiper on the car, presumably, is usually used to scrape the raindrops and dust attached to the windshield of the vehicle. But what the code says today is that the wiper can actually be used to judge whether the car is pressed. When our line of sight passes through the raised point of the left wiper and the object on the ground, our left wheel will press at the object as it travels.

Generally speaking, when the car is driving normally, it is better to be about 60 cm away from the center line. Is it safe to use the wiper? First of all, we need to find the intersection of the wiper panel and the car A-pillar. When the intersection is in line with the weight of our sight, the distance between the body and the object is just about 60 cm.

If it is parking on the right, as long as the right wiper bump and the roadside are in weight, this time the steering wheel will be slightly left, and the parking position will be about 10 cm away from the object.