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How does wiper scrape not clean to do?

Apr 26, 2019
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Very convenient ah, put the wiper up, in the bayonet, a press, a draw, back down...

1, first stop the car (nonsense), turn off the fire, the key to the closed gear (do not have to pull out), and then pull down a wiper control lever. At this point, the wiper will blow at an Angle of about 45 degrees and stop.

2. Gently pull the windshield wiper in the stop state towards the direction of moving forward, and keep it upright, so that it is convenient to start. To be clear, without step 1, the wiper can also be pulled up, but cannot remain at attention because it will touch the edge of the hood.

3. As shown in the picture, press the button in the red circle and push it out along the direction of the arrow.

4, installation, reverse operation can be.

Very convenient. One disassembly, one assembly, ten seconds.

Windshield wipers are an important accessory for windscreen installation. Therefore, it plays an important role in driving safety. The wiper can be divided into mechanical type, vacuum type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type and electric type according to its driving mode. Modern cars generally use electric wiper, its advantages are simple structure, convenient control. General automobile windshield wiper is composed of motor, crank, transmission rod, scraper arm and blade.

It is used to brush and scrape the raindrops and dust attached to the windshield of vehicles, so as to improve the visibility of drivers and increase driving safety. By law, cars almost everywhere carry windshield wipers. Windshield wipers are also fitted to the rear Windows of hatchbacks and suvs. In addition to cars, other means of transport are equipped with windshield wipers, such as trains, trams, etc. Wipers are also installed on some engineering equipment such as cranes.

Summer hasn't officially arrived yet, but it's been raining a lot in many parts of the country recently, and many drivers will find that when the wiper is turned on, the water in the front windshield is blown off, but the glass is getting dirtier. There is no foreign object on the glass and it can't be scraped clean. What's the matter? What should we do?

Where did the oil film on the car glass come from?

If the front windshield is found to be oily, after the use of the windscreen wiper will be in the glass into irregular particles, very affect the line of sight. Especially in the evening, the opposite light will come across the glass whiteness, into a block film imprint, the distribution is not uniform, there are netlike phenomenon.

This is inevitable after a long drive because it is caused by oil particles on the road, which accumulate over time on the glass; It can also come from the tailpipe of the car in front, especially some trucks and lorries that emit black gas.

Damage and aging of wiper tape

The life of the rubber wiper strip is generally about two years, because of long-term use, hardening, cracking, peeling is inevitable, if it is a bad quality rubber strip, the time of damage will be faster. After the tape is damaged, it will not fit the glass, resulting in not clean scraping. There are obvious traces on the glass, accompanied by abnormal sound and other problems.

First see wiper tape is not very dirty, dirty reason is mostly long-term hoarding in the wiper oil stains, car wax attachment, wiper wiper and windshield gap and can not reach the role of complete wiper.

And rubber strip sclerosis is due to the direct effect of direct sunlight and high temperature, so that the wiper rubber strip hardening and loss of elasticity. If damaged by external force, the upper structure of the wiper will be damaged. When the weather is not good, cleaning products use improper or substandard tape formula, will cause the wiper blade edge or wear.

When the above situation happens and cannot be solved in time, your wiper will further deteriorate and scratch the glass, which will seriously affect the driving safety.