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How does the wiper help the owner deal with the rain day?

Oct 19, 2018


Best Exclusive Winter Windshield.jpgFrequent rainfall may cause some troubles for driving. The inconspicuous wiper on weekdays can remove rainwater attached to the windshield, improve visibility and ensure safe driving. The rainy season is coming, meaning that the wiper is going to enter the high-frequency state. However, some owners have neglected the wiper and found that they were not working properly when they needed a wiper during driving. Therefore, be sure to check if the wiper can be used normally before driving, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

When using a wiper, pay attention to the rainfall and adjust the speed of the wiper accordingly. If it is too slow, it is difficult to effectively remove the rainwater and ensure the visibility of the driving; if it is too fast, it will cause excessive wear of the wiper strip. In case of heavy rain, increase the speed of the wiper still can not get a clear line of sight, please put safety in the first place, first find a suitable place to stop, wait for the rainfall to reduce and then drive.

Some people think that sanding the strip can renovate the wiper, but this will only make the strip of the wiper thin and uneven, which will reduce the fit of the wiper and the windshield, and it will easily scratch the windshield.