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How does the wiper blade guide vogue of automobile accessories?

Aug 13, 2018

  The manager, working in a large car repair workshop, said: Wipers can not move, mostly because the fuse is burned. Just opening the fuse box, finding the wiper fuse ,then pumping out and replace them just can continue to use. In addition, if the wipers can not be used, you can also use the soil solution of the soap to solve it. Wiping a layer of soap above the windshield, at least, can maintain a clear line of sight for thirty or forty minutes.

  The wiper blade is that iron clad with sheet rubber, which is inserted in the ends of the rocker arm in an embedding way. The condition of the falling of the two wiper blades at the same time is very little. If wiper blade on the driver's left seat falls, you can remove the wiper blades of the right aide, and install it on the left to find a rag to the right side of the wiper head bandaged. If you find it troublesome, simply remove the rocker arm to avoid scratching the windshield.