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May 22, 2018

The so-called wiper 

Is a simple cleaning tool on the front and rear glass of a motor vehicle to prevent Rain Water and other dirt from affecting the line of sight. It can be divided into a wiper scraper and a boneless wiper according to the type.

There are bone wipers, that is, traditional wipers.

The principle of a bone wiper is to press the rain-scraper on the glass through several supporting points on the skeleton, so that the pressure at each supporting point on the rain-scraper is averaged.

In the process of use, the pressure of each supporting point of the wiper is average, the degree of wear is also average, it is easy to appear the noise of friction between the rain-scraper and the glass, so it is not easy to clean the impurity.

The material and parameters of the steel flake with the bone Wiper

Steel grade: AISI / 304H/ AISI 430/ AISI 204/ AISI 201/ AISI 304ES

Hardness: HV200~500

Thickness: 0.70mm~1.00mm

Width: 1.00mm~5.00mm

Straightness: 1mm/ 600mm

Length: self determination



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