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Guide to summer wiper maintenance and use

Apr 12, 2018

Guide to summer wiper maintenance and use

   On a hot summer day, the surface temperature of the windshield reaches more than 50 ℃, and the heat dissipation is very slow.The wiper blade is rubber material, clinging to the high temperature windshield, the long time high temperature contact is very easy to deform and aging, resulting in the rain scraper is not clean.Therefore, when the vehicle is parked in the outdoor parking lot, the wiper can be erected so as to avoid the contact between the wiper strip and the hot glass, and prolong the service life of the wiper.

Small knowledge extension

  1. Regular cleaning of glassThe sand, dust and bird dung that stick to the glass will cause extra wear and tear when the wiper works normally, so it is necessary to wash the dirt on the glass regularly, which can prolong the service life of the wiper.    

  2. Avoid dry scraping without waterWhen using wipers to remove dust from the windshield surface on a sunny day, be sure to spray glass water and not dry shaving. If dry wiper scraping will cause damage to wiper rubber scraper and wiper motor. PS: when it starts to rain or the rain is especially small enough to affect the driving line of sight,You can also not turn on the wiper first.

  3. Use of replacement cycleIn general, it is best to replace the rubber strip once a year, and the rainy city can change it twice a year, remove the trouble of the wiper and replace the old wiper sheet in time to ensure the safety of driving.

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