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Do you know how to choose the wiper blades with a better quality?

Sep 04, 2018

Now the windshield wiper brand is very much. Because the price is reduced, the frameless wipers that are recognized better also gradually start to gain popularity. Frameless wipers without support, use their wiper blades to add pressure, and make the force-bearing points evenly distributed, so it ha more efficient.


  How to choose wiper blades with a good quality?

  Firstly, we should make clear our car's wiper blades' specifications, which can refer to the car manual, and have a look that the wiper blade model. Because the wiper blade's size of different cars is different, you can't exchange, when buying them, you also can inform the vehicle type, basically we will not buy the wrong ones.

  Secondly, attention should be paid to the wiper arm whether it is connected to the wiper arm and whether match, because some arm is fixed to the rocker arm, when purchasing it, you should stay in touch.