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Did you take care of the wiper, the small part of the car?

May 25, 2018

Now, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people are driving their cars. Keeping a car has been a great learning since ancient times. There are many small parts on the body that we may not often use, nor will we notice it. For example: wiper. The wiper is a small accessory to the car. If it doesn't rain, I can't remember him. Although it is used infrequently, it is a very unpleasant thing to scrape when used.


The wiper is placed on the windshield, but it is easy to ignore during daily maintenance. The method of wiper maintenance is very simple. 

In addition to washing the windows, it is best to wipe the wiper with a glass cleaner, so that the wiper's life will be longer. If the car wash shop is responsible for cleaning, you can remind the clerk to do the work for you, put the wiper switch in various speed positions, check that the wiper at different speeds is maintained at a certain speed. The other is to check the state of wiping and whether there is uneven or leaky wiping of the rod. Either of these failures means damage to the wiper blade. In addition, pay attention to the wiper in the work if there is vibration and nois.


The method of checking the wiper is very simple. Spray out some cleaning liquid, then start the wiper, pay attention to the smooth movement of the wiper, listen to if there is a loud noise, if there is, it means that the wiper is too pressed against the glass, and must make the appropriate adjustment. School. After a wiper or two, check to see if there is water on the windshield, and see if there are any scratches. If the scratches are visible, it means that the wipers are aging. It's time to replace the new tape. If all kinds of failures are complete, sure to check the rain scraper. The method is to pull up the wiper and touch it with your finger on the rubber wiper after cleaning to check for damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade. If the blade aging, hardening, cracks, should be replaced in time. In addition, note that the support to the rocker arm how to match, because some rods are fixed with screws to the rocker arm, and some are locked with the construction point of the convex buckle, when buying must be recognized.


Every part of the car has its vital role, so babies must take good care of every part of the car, make sure the car is safe and safe to travel.