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Careful maintenance of wipers is very important

May 21, 2018

Hot summer temperatures, humid, sultry temperatures, frequent rainfall, and sand in the air all threaten the normal use of car wipers, causing glue hardening or deformation, cracking and so on. The importance of wipers for safe driving is self-evident. If you don't have a dutiable wiper to clean up the annoying Rain Water when the rain obscures your eyes, you can imagine the consequences. And that's when you realize that it's too late to have a healthy wiper. In order to completely ensure the safety of driving, wiper maintenance you can not lazy! Here are some tips to keep in mind! 


(I) proper cleaning of wipers: sand is the chief cause of wiper wear in dusty northern cities. Hidden between the windshield and the wiper, the invisible wear increases day by day. If you don't usually pay attention to cleaning, then the strong use of wiper and windshield will cause loosening, resulting in increased wear. The correct method is to wash the car or wash the wiper, the wiper first up, in the direction of the rubber strip rinse clean, light force. Be gentle. The wiper on the rear window should also not be lazy in maintenance.

(2) try to avoid exposure to high temperature: this is the same as in winter when it snows, the strong summer heat will test the rubber material of the wiper. Long-term will cause great damage to the material, resulting in deformation or loss of elasticity. Remember to erect the wiper after each stop to avoid the wiper sticking to the glass all the time. Unfortunately, this little move is rarely carried out. But a hand-to-hand move you can easily do wiper maintenance, it is not difficult. 

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(3) use protective agent: the rubber strip protectant length on the market is usually a gift to the cleaning products. It can increase the lubricity and extend the elasticity of the wiper when used on the wiper! During the maintenance of a bone wiper, we should pay more attention to the cleaning and lubrication of the skeleton 

(4) and to the ammonia cleaner: the so-called ammonia detergent, which is the common household laundry soap or other household cleaning products, is the killer who causes the rubber strip to harden. Therefore, it is suggested that car owners or help love the choice of car-specific cleaning agent. Another important detail to remind is that different detergents should never be mixed. This is likely to produce chemicals that corrode the wipers rubber, inadvertently causing damage to the wipers.

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