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Car Wiper Blade-auto Wiper Blade how to replace a

Feb 03, 2016

Wiper is a consumable and for security, windshield wipers have been worn, be sure to replace the new windshield wipers wipers and be sure to select a good quality. How to tell if windshield wiper replacement?

Here are a few steps:

1. before the confirmation, clean the glass surface.

2. touch the glass surface, confirm the glass without scratching, raised grain.

3. wipe the wipers with cotton strips (non-strong)

4. confirm that the Strip has scratches, deformation, or jagged. Car Wiper Blade

Wipers texture Atlas

5. under normal circumstances, to scratch so if there is a water line or sound is particularly large, or not clear, you can consider replacing the windshield wipers.

These steps if found to have improved, no problem, you can continue for some time.