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Car Daily Maintenance , Summer Parking Playbook and Cautions

May 16, 2018

Summer temperature is high, people are afraid of hot car is the same, also should pay attention to prevent heat drop temperature. Otherwise, love car is the danger of this hot summer, the accident will also hurt the car, then in the summer parking when we should pay attention to what?

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Set up a wiper

The reason for the summer parking to set up the wiper is that the car has a long time in the sun under the sun, the temperature of the windshield will exceed 50 degrees. Under such high temperature, the rubber material of the wiper will be aged in advance, even the danger of rubber deformation. In the case of more rain in summer, the wiper will lose its original function, so remember to stop when you stop. The wipers stand up!

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Avoid exposure Iron bodie

but cars, like people, long hours in the sun would be too much to love cars. In the long run, it will hurt the painted surface of the car, and the damage to the interior is also great. Therefore, do not love the car heatstroke, try to park the car in a cool place or underground parking garage!

Sunshade The first thing that many car owners do when they pick up a car is to put it on a sticker. One is to increase privacy, and the other is to prepare for this hot summer, but if your car is inevitably parked in the hot sun, Why don't you buy a shade again? One more layer of protection, more cool! Schmokey recommends parking as far as possible with the rear facing south and the front facing north. The biggest benefit of this is to reduce the risk of being baked directly by the sun in the car. Because if the front of the car faces south, the space inside the car, especially the front cabin, will be baked for a whole day!