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Can't you see it on a rainy day? Don't be afraid, Meto wiper to help you move forward

Apr 26, 2018

  Meto wiper to help you move forward

 Wipers have been around for more than 100 years, but there are still no new features that can shake them up enough to show their importance in our lives. Wiper, as a faithful guardian of safe driving in rainy days, has always been the standard configuration of brands of major manufacturers, but compared with the traditional wiper with bone, the boneless wiper has become the darling of automobile industry in recent years.

   METO, as the creator of China Bones wipers, has developed every product of excellent quality and complete range. This wiper uses the whole wiper itself to pressurize, equivalent to the entire wiper is the force point, this design not only make the wiper more flexible, but also better wiper effect. Successfully overcome the traditional bone wiper and car glass friction between the noise and poor pressure tolerance shortcomings, can be said that the boneless wiper "tenacity and tenacity" in a whole ah.


  Whether its rubber material or zinc alloy base, high carbon steel bar, or imported polymer materials, it is designed from the customer experience, double guarantee the safety and comfort of driving. And with the popularization of boneless wipers, many models on the market have started to choose boneless wipers as the car standard match, METO wiper is more than 99% of the adaptation rate, so that you no longer need to one brand model to find hard.