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Be carefully on use the Silicone refill on windshield wiper

Jul 24, 2019

Be carefully on use the Silicone refill on windshield wiper



Silicone wiper analysis, whether in the traditional sales channels or in e-commerce channels, see a large number of "coated wipers" publicity and promotion, some businesses are even more exaggerated propaganda wipers have entered the coating era, this is a new wiper technology revolution and so on, the market hype is very harmful.

  For this reason, the author has been in contact with this kind of products more than a decade ago, combined with the previous sales and promotion experience of silicone wiper and the technical exchange with many famous wiper and rubber R & D enterprises in Japan and China. In this issue, we will focus on this kind of product.

   "Film-coated windshield wiper" can be divided into two categories based on the product sold on the market: 

    The first kind is: natural rubber + water-containing coating, that is, the windshield wiper rubber strip itself uses natural rubber, adds a material capable of generating the water-repellent effect in the formula of the lubricating coating, then the coating is sprayed on the working edge of the wiper rubber strip, and the water-repellent material in the coating is coated on the surface of the windshield by the dry brush of the windshield wiper so as to form a coating capable of generating the water-repellent effect.

    The second type is a silica gel windshield wiper and a lubricating coating, namely, the windshield wiper rubber strip is made of silica gel, and when in use, the silicone oil in the adhesive tape is adhered to the surface of the glass through the friction of the silica gel adhesive tape on the windshield glass to form a hydrophobic film similar to the lotus leaf, so that the rain water on the surface of the glass can form a circular small water bead to achieve the effect of coating. In the first category of products, the effect of the actual use process is very bad, serious noise and jitter can be easily generated in the short term, and this time, we mainly analyze the type II type of silica gel wiper.

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     The use of silica gel wiper originates from Japan, and the current application is in Japan and Southeast Asia. in that state of Japan and the south-east Asia, the state of the island nation is an island state marine climate, the rain is fast and large, and the ordinary rain brush is difficult to see the road condition even if it is scraped fast in the heavy rain, and the water repellency on the windshield of the use of the silica gel windshield wiper can make the rainwater not easy to adhere to the glass surface, Reducing the contact area between the raindrop and the glass surface and allowing the raindrop to achieve the effect of easy sliding, which is helpful for the region where the heavy rain is used frequently.

Is the silicone wiper really as magical as the merchants do? The silica gel windshield wiper has so many benefits why the entire vehicle enterprise is not selected? Let's look at the pros and cons from the technical point of view:

  1. Compared with natural rubber, the silica gel has good heat resistance, low temperature resistance, ultraviolet resistance, ozone resistance and good wear resistance;

  2. All the coating products are separated from the oil-based silicon elements, and the automobile glass is a modified tempered glass, which can not absorb the material molecules, and the silicon element is combined with the dust in the air and is oxidized, so that the mixture adhered to the surface of the glass does not fall off for a long time, the glass is not transparent, the astigmatism (which is difficult to disappear when the brush is scraped), the noise of the windshield wiper, the jitter, the blurring of the whole piece, and the like (the silicon element increases the resistance of the rain brush to slide on the glass surface), and the time is long, and the phenomenon of yellowing is also caused.

3. There is no matching silica gel wiper for any car factory in the world. The reason is that it is not possible to pass the safety quality certification: when the glass surface remains misty at the time of brushing, the light in front of the vehicle will be scattered when the light is irradiated at the front of the night, and the rainbow's eye phenomenon will affect the driving safety.

4. After using the coated wiper glass, and then using the natural rubber wiper, you can see that there will be obvious attachments on the tape, which is the mixture of silicon and dust in the air, which will cause severe jitter and harsh noise when the wiper is scraped.

5. when silicone oil is added, the more silicone oil is added, the worse the tear strength will become. The two properties are less than 20% of natural rubber, and the neck of rubber strip is easy to break.

6. The normal use of silica gel shall depend on the lubricating coating on the surface, otherwise the wiper will not be scraped at the surface of the glass (no chlorination treatment is carried out after the silica gel is cured, the resistance to sliding on the surface of the glass is very large), and the natural rubber has no coating or can be used normally.

7. the application of silica gel tape needs to fully consider the section size design of the tape, the pressure distribution structure of the wiper, the pressure of the wiper arm and the glass Radian, etc., otherwise it is difficult to ensure the performance of the wiper. So more mainframe factories and international leading wiper brands still choose natural rubber wipers. In short, in recent years, China's silicon

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