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I.Logo meaning:


The design is simple and generous , represent the purpose of enterprise products – soft wiper blades can bring beautiful and peaceful driving with clear vision. At the same time, it means all workers of METO run a great persistent teamwork to create beautiful future together.


II.METO Enterprise Trademark :


The Trademark is composed by “M” and trigon.

“M” is the first letter of METO, which will guide the company to the top of triangle. Also means the development of enterprise is long and endless, showing the METOs’ persistent spirit, and express the motto “ Beauty ,on the way…”

Triangular shape, and vertex split triangle, large triangles represent the stability of basis and development. And the triangle on the top represents the highest pursuit of enterprise life goals.

Through a combination of both, showing the spirit of hard working and the faith of ideal pursuit of METOs against developing, and also reflects METO pursuing excellent products and enterprise management to the highest level.


III.METO Enterprise Base Color:

1.First color: crystal blue

 Crystal Blue represents sea and sky, symbolizing the deep stability and broad tolerance, also the confidence and lofty ideals of METOs.

At the same time, METO crystal blue gives you the fresh and vital feeling ...


2.Second color: apple green

Apple Green stands for youthful vigor , and the METO company hope for the future and life.

Meanwhile the visual mix of apple green gives fresh feeling


3. Third color: Golden-Red, Golden, Platinum


   Golden-Red means success, Golden means fortune, Platinum means elegance.

   These three colors use in METO’s logo with different background color, it has the effect of Eye-opening.


IV.METO assistant logo:

The METO assistant logo comes from the first letter of METO, symbolizing “a great hawk spreads its wings.”


V.METO Cartoon Character:


Cartoon named “Bright” is our image ambassador, which means METO soft wiper blades has the excellent quality to clean the windshield, and bring “bright” vision for drivers with “bright” feeling.

“Bright” looks like motor with lovely face, which can release tension and pressure in modern life.


VI.    METO Motto: Beauty, on the way…

“Beauty, on the way…” With bright vision from METO soft wiper blades, we wish you enjoy the beauty on the way, and lead you a wonderful future.


LOGO, Trademark and picture of METO VI series are patent protection. All rights reserved.