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2019 Beijing CIAACE

The 28th China International Automobile Products Exhibition(CIAACE)Beijing Yasen Exhibition in 2019.

 2019 Beijing Yasen International Automobile Supplies Exhibition. 

Date:February 2225, 2019. 

Location:China International Exhibition Center(Shunyi New National Exhibition). 

Organizer:Beijing Yasen International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


    China International Automobile products Exhibition (CIAACE) is a well-known exhibition brand in China's automobile rear market. Founded in June 2005, the exhibition is the first automobile products theme professional exhibition in China, with an area of 250000 square meters in the country for five consecutive years. CIAACE has successfully built the most direct business negotiation platform for industry enterprises, exhibition scale, exhibition effectiveness, exhibitors, exhibitors, The number of visitors is the highest in the same kind of exhibitions in China, which has become the first choice brand exhibition for enterprises in the industry every year, helping countless enterprises grow rapidly. In 2010, CIAACE was approved by the Ministry of Commerce as the "National key support Project for Automobile supplies Industry" and become a key exhibition on behalf of China's automobile products industry. In 2011, CIAACE was accepted as a full member by (UFI), the World Exhibition Union, and enjoys the reputation of "barometer of Chinese car aftermarket" both inside and outside the industry.

CIAACE is held twice a year and is held in Beijing/ New National Exhibition in spring in spring in 2011. It is held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou · China Import and Export Commodities Fair in the fall of 2016. In the fall of Guangzhou, it is the joint exhibition of the Janssen Group and the China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation, and opened the new pattern of the market "One spring, one autumn, one south and one north" of the rear market of China. The international big show of the whole industrial chain of the rear market of the automobile has attracted the attention of the industry!

As an important event in the field of automobile aftermarket at home and abroad, CIAACE holds overseas buyer purchasing pairing meeting at the same time, 4S group pairing meeting and so on, to assist exhibitors and foreign purchasers to match efficiently, and the effect is remarkable, which plays an active role in the international integration of various industries in China's automobile rear market.

The exhibition covers an area of 250000 square meters and brings together more than 7000 exhibitors from all over the world, with a total of 220000 products participating in the exhibition, more than 20 000 new products and more than 20 simultaneous events. It is expected that 350000 professional spectators will visit the exhibition over a period of four days, which will open up the wealth drama of the Chinese automobile market at the beginning of the year.

CIAACE is an all-channel real-effect exhibition platform for ecommerce based on actual effect, which is paid close attention to and recognized by the automobile rear market.






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